Memorable Lines from You Are My Spring

You are my spring

You Are My Spring – Well, for me personally 😀

Disclaimer: This may contain some spoilers. With no particular order.

Mun Miran 

you are my spring

“In life, there are some things you can’t say no to despite your better judgment. They are dazzling, bright, and make you so happy that you’d do anything if you could have them.”

Ju Youngdo – You Are My Spring

kim dong wook You Are My Spring

“You fear relationships that require emotional commitment. Why? You’ve been burned a lot. You read the ending of mystery novels first and don’t even watch a new TV show unless you know it has a happy ending. 

After recreating the exact same misery you underwent, you try to overcome it this time around. You’re trying to escape your miserable memories. But it doesn’t work. Why? You can recreate your misery, but you’ve never learned how to overcome it.” 

Kang Dajeong & Chae Jun

yoon park You Are My Spring

“Why do you keep chasing me when you barely know me?” – Kang Dajeong

“Why do you keep turning me down when you barely know me?” – Chae Jun

Kang Dajeong – You Are My Spring

“Letting someone into your heart means that your heart can be easily broken by them. It also means you won’t let go of them despite knowing that. I don’t want to get hurt. I don’t want to foolishly bring up my painful past. 

Nevertheless, I want to be happy.”

Kang Dajeong on Park Eunha

“If you want to be told that you made the right decision, then it means you think otherwise. If you want to be told so 500 times, it means you’ve thought about it 500 times yet still think you were wrong.”

Mun Miran – You Are My Spring

You Are My Spring

 “Want to hear some exciting news? You will never be able to fall in love like that again. What’s the point of repeating?

Opening your heart and giving him every piece of you. That’s not only the only way to love. You can avoid puddles and prevent the fires together. It doesn’t have to be suffocating. It can be nice and comfortable. You’ll get to experience that soon.”

Han Jinho on Ahn Gayeong

“Not only does she not want to get hurt, but she also hates hurting others. She’s weird like that. I’m saying she’s worried that you might end up getting hurt

So hold yourself back even though you’re head over heels for her. Respect her pace. Don’t get ahead of yourself and scare her away.”

Ju Youngdo on Ahn Gayeong

“Some people don’t feel safe with their feelings. People like that get scared and do one of these two things when someone gets too close. They go into hiding to avoid that person, or hurt that person without even realizing it. 

You need to reassure her. Instead of making her feel you would die without her, make her feel you’d be okay.” 


You Are My Spring

 “Had I put my pride first, I wouldn’t have come. I don’t care if this hurts my pride. I don’t care if people think that I’m crazy. Gayeong matters more to me.” 

Ju Youngdo

“It must’ve been really hard on you. I hope that there won’t be any more pain.”

It means although they couldn’t embrace your pain, they want to give you a warm hug for overcoming those painful days. It’s the most comforting thing to hear. 

When about to fall for someone

You Are My Spring

“When someone gets close to you and you feel uncomfortable around them, it might mean you’re scared that you might end up liking them. ‘If she sees the real me and gets to know everything about me, she’ll be disappointed and leave.’ Or, ‘After going through all that trouble, I’m falling for someone again.'” – Ju Youngdo

“I totally know what that’s like. Now when I’m about to fall for someone, I no longer feel excited. I think, “Gosh, I’m doomed. I’m in big trouble.” That comes to my mind first.” – Radio DJ

Kang Dajeong

You Are My Spring seo hyun jin

“I can’t even take a bite of the cookie he gave me. And he can’t even throw away the forsythia twig I gave him. Do you think we can become friends?” 

Park Eunha – You Are My Spring

“Why was I the first thing you gave up? Why didn’t you tell me to wait? Then I would have waited for you. Why did you just break up with me? Why did you have to come looking exhausted and beg me to let you go? I couldn’t even tell you I’d wait.

After everything, you come to me now and tell me that was the best you could do? You did that for me?

Don’t kid yourself. You just didn’t have faith in me. You thought I was only capable of selfishly receiving love from you and that you were the only one giving love in our relationship.”

How to break up

“I don’t want to create a sad memory in your home. Because I don’t want you to remember me as a painful memory. Because I don’t know how to break up.” – Ju Youngdo 

“I don’t want you to see my sadness under the light. Because I feel sorry for the pain you’re going through. Because I don’t know how to hold back my tears, I decided to get angry.” – Kang Dajeong

I can do it all over again

“Whether it’s 10 or 20 years, I just want to turn back the time. I don’t care if I’d be in pain and need to have surgery again. I’ll gladly go through all of that again. I just want to be with her again.” – Ju Youngdo 

“I can do it all over again too. I can get slammed by a rhino and fall again. I can do all of that again.” – Kang Dajeong

Park-Park Twins

“Have you ever complimented me saying I’ve done well, acknowledging my hard work? Have I ever been more than a daughter you need to marry off? Have I ever been a beloved child to you?”

– Park Eun Ha on their Dad

“Can’t you just give up? Dad won’t change. He’ll be rude to everyone, he’ll keep showing off his money, and he’ll think women have to get married and have kids. And he will continue to grow older and smaller. 

At the very least, you were never beaten. I was beaten a lot until I got into high school. Back then, I also despised him to death. But I learned to give up. 

We aren’t such loving twins who get sick when the other one gets sick either. And Dad is just a dad. Even if you don’t like him, he’s still our dad.”

– Park Cheoldo on their Dad

Choi Jeongmin – Ian Chase Twins

“I want everything to be over. I just want everything to be over.”

– Choi Jeongmin

“What ifs don’t matter if it has already passed.”

– Ian Chase

Ju Youngdo

Let’s be frank. “The world is beautiful,” and “you must live,” are obvious things to say. But that’s how you save a life. 

“I will listen to you. I’m willing to have a conversation with you. I won’t leave you all alone. I’ll watch over you.” 

For those who have no hope and want to give up; seeing a twinkling light, being watched from afar, or a slight brush of a finger is more than enough.

Ju Youngdo – You Are My Spring

“I took them all for granted. Waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. The cool breeze and the blue sky. My heart that beat without stopping and my healthy legs. There was a time when I had taken them all for granted. 

I was a fish looking for the ocean that was already around me. I believed I’d find happiness and feel at peace one day. The fact that I’m breathing is enough proof that I’m doing well despite not shining brightly all the time.”

Thought on drama You Are My Spring:

Aku sebenernya in love-hate relationship sama drama ini. Kukira drama ini tipe drama romance yang manis dan nggak gelap, tapi ternyata it’s so dark. Ada manisnya sih, tapi dark-nya mendominasi. Padahal aku lagi pengen menghindari drama semacam gini T_T

Cuma karena kepalang nonton dan penasaran, akhirnya aku terusin sampai tahu-tahu udah ep 10 aja. Mau drop di ep 12 gara-gara kesel sama ceritanya, tapi tanggung 4 ep lagi. Yaudah dilanjut lagi, sampai sekarang tinggal 2 ep.

Drama ini temanya healing kan, dan emang banyak lines sama scenes yang healing. Cuma itu, gelap aja vibe-nya. Terus kelamaan juga alur antara leads-nya. Kebanyakan teori dan mikir gitu tiap mau ngapa-ngapain. Bagus sih, tapi terlalu ‘ideal’ dan malah bikin geregetan jadinya. Jadi semua hal dibikin pusing dan penuh teori, kurang lepas.

Tapi yaa, aku tetep menikmati drama ini sih. Buktinya tetep nonton sampai mau abis gini kan 😀

Cuma kalo ditanya recommended atau enggak, dikembalikan ke masing-masing ~

you are my spring
Bonus (1): Ahn Gayoung’s antics always light up the drama 😀
you are my spring
Bonus (2): Kang Dajeong always says the right words
pena runcing

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sajak, kata, kisah, potret, pena

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