Find Me in Your Memory tells us to live the present fully while keeping past memories

find me in your memory

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Well, the title said it all.

I know, I know. I’m late by a year to discover this drama. I just finished this recently and got hooked so deep into the drama along with Kim Dongwook. He’s the reason I started this drama, as I also got hooked into him in You Are My Spring (YAMS).

But yeah, this is not a review or synopsis. This is a last year drama so I bet many people talk about it already. I just want to share my personal highlights from this drama. I even purposely write in English hoping this could be reached wider, so we can dive together into the drama (and again, of course, Kim Dongwook :D)


I’m glad I could forget

find me in your memory

This is the first thing that came to my mind while watching the drama. The premise of our lead male Lee Jeonghoon (Kim Dongwook) is so unique and also sad. I watched several dramas using this kind of premise, something like a photographic memory. But I didn’t think much of it before, not knowing it’s really painful to remember all of that without being able to forget every single thing.

And yes, that makes me glad that I could forget. Forgetting things is actually something that I take for granted, thinking that it’s a trivial thing. But I can’t imagine how horrible my life is if I can’t forget a single thing and must carry those memories throughout my life. Urgh, I don’t even want to think about it.

On the other side, I kinda feel envious of Yeo Hajin’s condition in the first episodes. I mean, how can a person forget just a single person and all the related memories? I actually wished this kind of thing back then, when I was struggling so much with my painful memories. So when I found the case in this drama, I was amazed.

But yeah, the envious didn’t last long. The drama was right; it’s also painful to fully erase the memories about one person, moreover it’s someone precious. And now when I look back then, those memories were not entirely painful and bad things. There were some sparkling and dazzling moments that we won’t ever go through again in those memories, even though it came with the pain.

Yeo Hajin’s life view of keeping it simple

I came for Kim Dongwook, but then I’ve also fallen for Yeo Hajin’s (Moon Gayoung) charm. Yeo Hajin is really simple-minded and doesn’t like complicated things, the polar opposite of Lee Jeonghoon. I like how she’s really easygoing despite going through many backlashes, especially in the early episodes. And yes, this is what made Lee Jeonghoon taken aback, then of course got interested in her.

In the drama synopsis that I read online, it was said that Yeo Hajin’s easygoing was because she forgot her past. But when I watch it, I think it’s not entirely the case. Yeo Hajin is already an easygoing and simple person even before she forgets her past, as we can see in her scenes way back with Jung Seoyeon.

I also like her principle, or should I say it’s Jung Seoyeon’s, about counting until 5 to 6 only. I really like how it is against the common adult’s mind for being calculative about everything. If we didn’t have many things to count, we didn’t need to think many things that lead to overthinking. And of course, our life becomes soooo much simpler, lighter, and happier.

Lee Jeonghoon pushes his love without being pushy

find me in your memory

If I’m being asked my favorite thing from the drama, it’s this. Lee Jeonghoon pushes (or should we say fights?) his love without being pushy. It’s really a rare thing to find in Kdramaland, even more difficult to do in reality. I mean, how can you push without being pushy?

But yes, Lee Jeonghoon did it. Really well, on top of that. Maybe it’s the power of Kim Dongwook? LOL

At first, Lee Jeonghoon was indeed being frustrated in their relationship; reminds me of Ju Youngdo in YAMS. But once he decided to pursue his love, he didn’t let it go. Even when Yeo Hajin pushed him out in the name of moral and public pressure. He’s still fighting for their love without taking a step back.

And I’m saying he’s not pushy because even though he pushes his love, he still gives space for Yeo Hajin. He knows that Yeo Hajin needs time to proceed with all of those and the courage to walk together, as how he was before. Because he gathered his courage and time when Yeo Hajin chased him back then, he gives Yeo Hajin the same. He didn’t rush, didn’t even tell Yeo Hajin that he’s waiting while being waiting so patiently and persistently.

Moreover, he knows that Yeo Hajin also feels the same as him. It’s just their condition was messy, but it’s not making their love invalid. I think that is also what made him keep fighting and pushing.

OMG, there are so many things I want to talk about him but I know I need to stop or else this post will be all about him LOL

If you love, you won’t leave

Okay, if you asked me for two favorites, this is also included. And this still related to the previous part, even though I just said I need to stop LOL I really fallen so deeply into Lee Jeonghoon’s charm!

Just like what I said in the previous part, Lee Jeonghoon still fights for their love despite everything that happened. And he didn’t leave. This breaks the cliche words ‘I’m leaving because I love you’ that we often found in many dramas and novels. Personally, I really hate that idea so much. Sorry Ju Youngdo, I know you were being this kind of man in YAMS LOL

But I really really loathe that idea, that’s the biggest bullsh*t ever. I mean if you love, why you leave? If you love, don’t you need to stay whatever happens, despite everything?

And Lee Jeonghoon really holds my ideal! He didn’t leave, even when they eventually break up. He’s still waiting for her, patiently and faithfully. And again, without being pushy.

find me in your memory

Regarding this matter, actually Yeo Hajin also did the same in the early stage of their relationship. When Lee Jeonghoon pushed her out, even rejected her; she’s still being on his side. Especially during his hard time when his mother passed away. And one reason she’s doing this is because deep down she knows that their feeling is the same.

The supportive surroundings got on their back

I really like how Find Me in Your Memory gives supportive surroundings for our leads, aside from two of them leaning on each other. Lee Jeonghoon has his mother, best friend, junior, and director on his back. As for Yeo Hajin, she has her sister, the agency CEO, and also Lee Jeonghoon’s best friend as her doctor.

When I said supportive; yes, they’re really supportive. They really care about our leads sincerely and get worried for them. Those people do many things for our leads, from simply helping to as far as sacrificing themselves. They really do care, sincerely, with all their heart.

I also like how the drama depicts the kind and family-oriented agency CEO. I saw so many evil agency CEO in dramas who always blabbering about being family and all, but stab their artists in the end. So when I saw the supportive and mother-like agency CEO in this drama, I feel relieved. This world is not that bad after all 😀

Even though we couldn’t erase past memories, we still can live well

Yep, this goes along with the title. Find Me in Your Memory really wants to convey this message to us, how we can live well even though we’re carrying painful memories. The key is to live fully and focus on the present, also knowing what really matters to you.

Both of our leads, Lee Jeonghoon and Yeo Hajin, are haunted by their past memories. Even worse because their past is connected one way and another. This makes people, the public and even Lee Jeonghoon’s doctor, pessimistic whether they could lead a good life together.

But they can, of course. They tried so hard fighting their problem, inside out, and face their present. Living their present fully, doing their best in every aspect of their life; from work to love. And because they know what really matters to them, they can ignore other unimportant things.

So why people bother them so much anyway? Just mind your own business, won’t you?

LOL okay I got worked up because remember again how annoying those people. But aside from that, I want to highlight once again about the message from this drama. I believe we can also do this, live well while keeping past memories. We may carry painful memories, but we still can live our present well. We just need to keep trying, like our leads 🙂

In the end, everything depends on your point of view

Let’s admit it. Find Me in Your Memory has many dark and complicated problems that can actually be really scary. But because they depict it in such a light and fun manner without downsizing it, it was not that horrible. Just when the story is about to get darker, the plot and characters bring back the light.

This point of view made the drama really fun and enjoyable to watch. I don’t need to worry about how the story unravels, what the villains will do next, etc. Because whatever it is, our characters will handle it well. The plot will handle it well.

I think maybe our lives are also like that, everything depends on our point of view. Problems won’t end, always come one after another. Many things are complicated in this world anyway. But how we view it can affect much of our whole life. And it’s our choice whether to view it as simple or problematic.

Yep, that’s it. It’s already a long writing, but maybe I will add some if I suddenly think of something. I still got hooked up with this drama and Kim Dongwook, will rewatch it again soon. So maybe the list will get longer, or maybe not ~

find me in your memory
Bonus: Yep, you all deserve to be happy 🙂
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