The Queen’s Classroom Quotes

The Queen's Classroom

The Queen’s Classroom – Quotes that have a deep impact on my mind.

Teacher Ma (Ko Hyun Jung) to Kim Do Jin (Kang Chan Hee/Chani SF9)

Every living thing has a right to live. Nobody has the right to give their lives up. You can’t abandon yourself.

As soon as you’re born, you’re precious to someone.

Stop being anxious. don’t be scared. If you don’t give up on yourself, no one else can.

You have to believe that you’re precious. Then with that heart, you have to live knowing that people around you are precious too.

You’re not alone.

Conversation between Shim Ha Na (Kim Hyang Gi) and Oh Dong Go (Cheon Bo Keun)

Shim Ha Na : I don’t let go of precious things easily, because precious things are precious.

Oh Dong Go: What is? Your friend?

Shim Ha Na : No. Me.

Oh Dong Go: So why do you protect your friend only?

Shim Ha Na : Because it’s lonely by myself. Can you live happily alone?

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sajak, kata, kisah, potret, pena

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